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“Innovative Hovercraft Vehicles offered by German Company for Distribution and / or Manufacturing Partnership”
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Innovative Hovercraft Vehicles offered by German Company for Distribution and / or Manufacturing Partnership
A company from Germany is offering its own developed hovercraft vehicles for distribution. Advantages of the innovative vessels are the high payload of twice the vessels weight, the very high stability reached through the application of aviation technology and the applicability in environments with temperatures down to -30°C.
来自德国的一家公司提供其自行开发的气垫船分销。创新型的船只优点是拥有船舶重量的两倍高负载,通过航空技术应用的极高稳定性和至- 30℃环境中的适用性。
The Company is looking for distribution and / or manufacturing partners in parts of Europe and Asia.
The German company is manufacturing innovative vehicles which operate on the hovercraft-principle: Over-pressure is generated below the vehicle which is then stabilized by specific technical equipment. Consequently, the vehicle lifts off the ground and is moved forward by a propeller-drive.
The body is made of bloated segments giving enormous stability and making it proof against capsizing. This means a practical operation in sensitive areas such as military, environment or disaster management is feasible. The vehicles are lighter and smaller than common hovercrafts and can be easily transported. No matter the area (water, land, swamp, ice etc.), isolated places can be accessed in a shorter amount of time compared to traditional vessels. Natural barriers such as floating refuse, ice floes but also river rapids and embankments do not represent worrisome obstacles for the hovercraft vehicles.
At this moment, two hovercraft types of different designs are available. A third hovercraft type is currently under development and will include significant innovations: in addition to more payload, the drive unit is updated and equipped with a high-power motor that can be powered by gasoline, diesel, biofuels or gas. Further details can be specified on demand.
The company is looking for distribution partners that are interested in distributing the product to potential customers e.g. in the fields of naval activity, firefighting equipment, disaster relief, military or water-based recreation and sports.
Also, a manufacturing partnership would be considered with partners in the fields of boat-building, manufacturers of plastic parts (i.e. for automotive and ship building industry), and producers of technical goods for the naval industry.
Advantages and Innovations
The German company is the first one to exploit specific innovations from the aviation industry for the development of their vehicles. Due to the aerodynamic configuration, the vehicle does not overturn when moving with high speed and is hence practically unsinkable and proof against capsizing. The powerful drive elements enable the transportation of loadings twice the weight of the respective vehicle. The vehicles are deployable in environments with very low temperatures (down to -30°C).


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